Friday, March 30, 2012

Streamer Deployment

“You’d better to go back and wear some warmer clothes. Because we are going to work outside. ” Patrick said to me when it’s our turn to be on duty. “Oh, here we go.  It has finally come.  We are just going to deploy the streamer. ” How exciting we are !
Sinking into the chairs and staring at these screens in the main lab, without doubt, will make you feel boring and tired. By contrast, working outside is more interesting. However, streamer deployment is not so easy as I have imagined. We have to pull it out and lay it on the deck, check it up, repair it, twist it back, and then pull it out again to deploy it into the ocean. At the same time, we need to install birds (streamer depth controller) on it in certain interval to control the depth. It is really a busy and tiring night. Sometimes, I almost can’t feel my arms because of the long-time lifting of the streamer. But we also have fun. I really appreciate Mergon’s kind smile and Mike’s pose when he smoke the cigar. That’s pretty cool! Moreover, we learn a lot from them. I even learned how to loose the screw with a drill (auger). Thanks a lot!
It was already daybreak when we finished deploying streamer 1. At the same time, people downstairs deployed the air guns and some other equipments. Everything goes well and maybe our new journey just start. Langseth has started to shoot seismic lines, which means our seismic survey started. We believe we will collect valuable data this time. Let's do it!

I am Yanming Huang, a Phd student of Oceanography from Texas A&M university. I just came to United States about two monthes ago. I will work on using magnetic and gravity data to interpret the geological nature of Shatsky Rise. It’s a pity that I missed last cruise which collected a lot of magnetic data. However, I am also interested in seismic data and I will enjoy this cruise.

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