Saturday, March 24, 2012

Langseth sailed off

In the morning of March 23rd, I was able to meet successfully the rest of the science party and then headed to the U.S. Navy Base, where Langseth was located, and at 8 a.m. of March 24th, we finally sailed off to Shatsky Rise. It's really exciting to be back to Langseth, seeing all of these highly capable people.

Here I'd like to introduce our science party (shown above, without myself). From left to right, Yanming, Sam, Patrick, Heidi, Adria, Joey, Tanya, Teddy, and Cecilia. This is quite a diverse group. Yanming, Sam, Joey, and Teddy are from Texas A&M, Patrick, Cecilia, and myself from Yale, Adria from University of Barcelona, Tanya from University of Wyoming, and Heidi from University of Hawaii. This cruise is a collaboration between Yale (Jun Korenaga) and Texas A&M (Will Sager), but Will couldn't make it to the cruise because he's on a different cruise right now. I was initially planning to bring more Yale people, but some of them couldn't come, so Will and I looked for other places for watchstanders. I asked them to take turns and post a blog, so you'll read a lot more about them shortly.

By the way, when I got to my stateroom, I had a nice surprise from the previous chief scientist. There was a note on the desk with two bags of coffee beans, which reads "Jun, hope you have a productive and successful cruise! - Nathan Miller (chief sci. on MGL1205)." What a nice thing to do! Thank you so much, Nathan.

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