Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The team "awesome"

Sam, Cécilia and Adria

It’s eleven o’clock and it’s the team "awesome" which is at the controls. What is this unbelievable team? The team "awesome" is an international group composed of Sam, the Chinese, Adria, the Spanish and me, Cécilia, the French. Our shift is from 4PM to 12AM. As we are still traveling to Shatsky Rise (right now, we are approximately at 26° 154°E), we aren’t really busy and we have to find fun activities to stay awake. And so far, we have always been inspired. For example, last night we played cards and the loser had to execute a punishment like find a camera on the ship in a limited time and make a sign to others in the science lab, keep one’s balance during one minute… not easy on the ship (believe me), or keep in mind 15 words without any connection. Now when you say « chocolate» to Sam he will reply instinctively « computer »!

My name is Cécilia Cadio. I received a PhD from Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris. Since August 2011, I am postdoc at Yale and I work with Jun Korenaga. My current research focuses on the thermal structure of the oceanic lithosphere and on its interaction with the underlying geodynamical processes from gravity and bathymetry data. Although my research is not related to the study of the Shatsky Rise, I’m really happy to take part to this research cruise and to learn new things about seismics. Moreover, I come from Brittany, a land of sailors… and the best region in the world. So I could not resist to the call of the sea!

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