Friday, July 23, 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow... there's another rainbow.

Here on the R/V Langseth, there is a lot of scenery to take it. Not being familiar with life at sea myself, the most striking feature is the continuous horizontal line that surrounds you that is the unobstructed horizon where the sea meets the sky. The sun rises and sun sets are quite the marvel as well. Every night as we make our way to Shatsky, the sun seems to sink right into the Pacific ahead of us, just to resurrect directly from the ocean behind us the next day. So far we have yet to see a green flash, but we are keeping our fingers crossed. We find ourselves in small and frequent rain storms that scatters the sun's light into magnificent rainbows. We see a rainbow almost everyday. Some times we even see a double rainbow. There has not been much sign of sea life so far in the transit to Shatsky. This is a good thing, being that we must stop using the air guns for a while if marine mammals are spotted while we are shooting. While at the Shatsky Rise, we run a small risk of crossing paths with a typhoon, in which case we have to run for cover until the storm passes. The weather has been pleasant so far and hopefully that remains true for the remainder of the voyage. It is truly a beautiful and humbling experience to be in the middle of Earth's largest ocean and at her mercy.

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