Thursday, July 22, 2010

Passing the International Date Line

We still have 5 or 6 days to arrive at the Shatsky Rise. Life is monochromic on the sea, like the surrounding seawater. Everyday I get up in the morning and go to the main lab, and begin to face a lot of screens, and immerse myself in Fourier Analysis and the never-ending engine noises. Sometimes I will talk with kind Bern and Michael, and Kelly, and that makes the life here not that boring.

Today we passed the International Date Line at noon and entered "the domain of Golden Dragon". I have thought many people, at least a few of them, will celebrate in some way. However nothing happens. I just took several pictures of the GPS navigation screen. There is no 180 00.00000 shown, since after IDL, the latitude itself will decrease. After all, it is memorable, we grew older for a day at that moment. But perhaps it is hard for you to read those numbers. That is, 179 59.94936 E.

In the morning, there appeared a huge rainbow over the sky before the ship far away. I ran back to my cabin, got out of my D90 and ran to the deck, but, it disappeared... Beautiful things never last that long that everyone can reach them. So are our lives. Su Shi (蘇軾), a Chinese poet in the Northern Song (北宋) Dynasty ever wrote in his essay,

"We are mere fishermen and woodcutters, keeping company with fish and prawns and befriending deer. We sail our skiff, frail as a leaf, and toast each other by drinking wine from a gourd. We are nothing but insects who live in this world but one day, mere specks of grain in the vastness of the ocean. I am grieved because our life is so transient, and envy the mighty river which flows on forever. I long to clasp winged fairies and roam freely, or to embrace the bright moon for all eternity. But knowing that this cannot be attained at once, I give vent to my feelings in these notes which pass with the sad breeze. " (況吾與子漁樵于江渚之上,侶魚蝦而友麋鹿,駕一葉之扁舟,舉匏尊以相屬。寄蜉蝣於天地,渺滄海之一粟。哀吾生之須臾,羨長江之無窮。挾飛仙以遨遊,抱明月而長終。知不可乎驟得,托遺響於悲風。)

So whenever you find something beautiful or something worthy to do, try to feel it, or make it.


  1. 中国的古诗词被翻译成英文完全没味了

  2. what an adventurous trip you are undergoing! I envy that i was a part of this expedition. DEAR KAI GAO, we are here in this world for a short time but we have been sent here for the preparation for never-ending hereafter where we will live for everrrrr. But what ever we reap here we will sow there. Just as the Newtons law for every action there is an equal reaction.
    Our every action is being recorded, every deed good or bad and even our thoughts and intentions right inside the brain are being recorded and we will see them when we will we gathered all men and women will be there to watch what we had done in this short life of say 50/60/70 years. Lets make that perpetual life a reward by doing good deeds, good thinking for ourselves and the fellow humanity.

    Kashif Younus