Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My first day on watch

Howdy, it is my first day on watch in the main lab of Langseth. Kind of nervous, because I am afraid of messing things. A lot of monitors I need to watch: GPS, Multi-beam, Sub-bottom scan, and kinds of other systems. Like guys say, when the OBS, streamers and guns are set, we will have much more things to do. So for right now during the transit, it's much easier. Anyway, it is my duty to make sure everything is working well. Keep my eyes on all the monitors, keep updating paper log and elog, draw ship track on trace paper, and sometime help technician do things. However, most of the time, kind of boring, not much things to do, just repeat things. But boring is good. That means everything goes well, no problem to report, no need to fix things. We expect boring even though we do not want to. Boring means good. My shift time is 4-8am and 4-8pm. Not bad, except need to wake up in the early morning. But I am able to enjoy the sunrise and sunset every single day via our video monitors. Awesome!

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