Friday, April 13, 2012


MGL1206 is ending soon. Look at the transit map that we have been keeping plotting location points every 4 hours (see attached picture). That shows more than a real time position plot. It's all about good memories of everything during this cruise: nice people (Mike&Megan will say "peeps"), great job (five planned MCS lines plus bonus of extended Line_D2 and a test_line), teams (Team Awesome, Team American and Team Seasick), party (streamer party, gun party, XBT party, Language learning party, even "error" party, Bern likes party things), and happy to see some "old friends" again like Jun, Robert, Dave, Mike Tatro, Carlos, Jack, Hervin, etc., as well as to make new friends. When Ben, one of the crews, reminded me that I would miss the cruise whenever I am back on land. Yes, of course. Like 2010, Langseth has done a beautiful job once again this year, or I should use the word "always" instead of "once again". Because the people of Langseth know exactly what they are doing. Thanks for all the good things and who make those amazing happen.

Numbers, I nearly forget the theme of this blog. So please know some important numbers of this cuirse:

1,987,200,000 milliseconds at sea (professional geophysicists use this unit)
430,570,471,400 bytes for all SEGD data (IT guy reads things in bytes)
1,074,290,818,000 seismic samples we collected (processing knows that)

Big scaring numbers, that cannot feel happy, but they could sound much smaller if you change into bigger units.You know that trick. However, even if we have an indentical number and unit, they still would feel different, depending on what you are talking about. For example, it sounds OK to spend 10 days transit from Shatsky Rise to Honolulu. How about taking 10 days to fly from Honolulu to New York City? That must be problem with that flight. So TB data can be normal for MCS, whereas that much of songs would need a super-Ipod. I apply this philosophy to my life to make things feel better. When I realize my savings in bank less than 1K, I will immediately change the unit from bucks to cents (I still have thousands!). Sometimes even worse, say <$10. Even not enough for 1000 cents, that can't sound right. Think about this, exchange it into some African currency, and it might give you a million! Take advantage of how to use numbers. Rule of thumb is to be happy~~~!!

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