Sunday, April 8, 2012


We are now heading to Hawaii. Happy and exciting. However, actually, the first week on board can be very trying. Because seasickness is really a miserable and unforgettable experience. The first two days I can’t eat anything except apples and instant noodles. I have never imagined that eating will become so difficult as it seems that there was always a voice saying “Oh, you will just throw them up one or two hours later, or even earlier”. And I just felt that every kind of food had the smell of milk and sourness, which make me feel sick. Moreover, the rocking feeling and the continuous noise cause my brain to become inertial, which make it harder for me to concentrate on reading books and doing my homework.

Whatever, the difficult part has gone. Thanks all these kind people on Langseth. I really appreciate them.  Let’s talking about something interesting. The first time I saw the “soundersuite” in the main lab, I found the seamounts is similar with some mountains in Chinese Landscape painting (a water-based art form with a strong emphasis on ink) in some extent.

Chinese Brush Painting

Do they look similar each other ? Oh, maybe I should say that the seamounts just look like the draft for a Chinese landscape painting.

Moreover, Joey showed me something more interesting after I told him something about China. It is called “chinglish”-Chinese English. I may sometimes speak“chinglish”. I hope you will like the followed pictures.