Thursday, August 5, 2010

An update

Around the noon time on July 30th, there was a medical emergency, which warranted the immediate stoppage of all science operations. Unfortunately, the person who had the emergency was officially pronounced as deceased at ~2PM, and soon after Langseth got underway for Yokohama, Japan. The vessel arrived in Yokohama four days later (August 3rd, or August 4th in Japan Standard Time), and after offloading the remains of our deceased crew member, we started our return to Shatsky Rise. We're currently still in transit. NSF very generously granted us a 7-day extension to minimize the loss of science days caused by this Yokohama transit. With the current speed (10-11 knots), we expect to return to where we stopped, by the afternoon of August 7th.

Our sympathies go to the family of the deceased crew member, and we are grateful for those who were involved in the cruise rescheduling.

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